When someone dies due to the fault of another person or entity, claims can be brought against a wide variety of persons, companies, government agencies, and employees in a wrongful death lawsuit.  Some examples of claims may be filed for including but not limited to:

  • 18 Wheeler, Automobile, Buses, Trains, Motorcycle and Airplane Accidents;
  • Construction Site Accidents;
  • Manufacturers of Defective Products;

It can be emotionally distressful and take an enormous toll on family members when a loved one dies. It can also cause extreme financial hardship. In each state, the law allows means to ease that financial burden when a person or entity is legally responsible for causing the deceased person’s death.

A wrongful death lawsuit seeks compensation for the survivors’ loss, such as lost wages from the deceased, lost companionship, and funeral expenses.

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It is important that you contact the Witherspoon Law Group immediately in order to successfully protect your interests because insurance carrier investigators routinely arrive on the scene of the accident within hours in an attempt to record and manage the forensic evidence.