The Reverend Dr. Jonathan McPherson, Sr. stands in his chapel at the Scott-McPherson Funeral Home in Fairfield, Alabama. Birmingham area funeral home directors reflect on the violence plaguing the area. (Frank Couch / The Birmingham Times )


The Rev. Dr. Jonathan McPherson, co-owner of Scott-McPherson Funeral Home in Fairfield, said, “Rather than getting better, our community is getting worse. We wonder what would the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. think about this violence.”

Annie Bushelon Holt, who owns the Bushelon Funeral Home Inc. in West End, said her establishment can be considered a ministry and she often quotes scripture to the bereaved.

“You feel sorry for the families and you take their problems home with you,” Holt said. READ MORE

Source: By Nathan Turner Jr. and Solomon Crenshaw Jr. • Birmingham Times