This Officer did the Unthinkable

Kansas City, Missouri  | It had been a long day for a Kansas City employee. Shajuana Mays, who works at a Popeyes, had been working all day and was visibly exhausted. Her day had taken a very unexpected turn when a former police officer named Don Carter came in and bought dinner. After talking, Shajuana told Don that her dream was to become a nurse, but coming up with funds for tuition is very difficult.

After leaving, Don got to thinking about ways he could help Shajuana. After getting home, he set up a gofundme page to help raise money for her tuition. Within 24 hours, the page had raised more than $1500. Due to the kindness in people’s hearts, the gofundme page has now reached over $15,000 in funds!

With the funds to be able to go to nursing school, Shajuana now believes that she can become the best nurse to ever come out of Kansas City! This was all possible due to a chance meeting at a drive in window, and the kindness in people’s hearts.