1.     Where there is PLAN, there is a Way.  This deals with planning and budgeting. Don’t give out more than you get in. Sounds simple enough, but it can be very difficult. Start by planning. Let us PLAN to succeed.

2.     Have Multiple Sources. Never Get All of your income from one source. When you get all of your income from one source, you are vulnerable to the source that is paying your bills. This leaves one crippled and begging.

3.     Be Honest: Tell the Truth. Sometimes, the grey areas are too risky. Life in the grey is a breeding ground for lawsuits. If not today, one day, you will be successful, people will create and find every reason to bring you down. Remember, the truth will never tell a lie.  A life of integrity brings more protection.

4.     Always Save Money.  So, money can save you. Having a little money saved can mean the difference between being free to do what you want versus having to be enslaved to a system of bigotry.

5.     Train yourself the basis of financial literacy and wealth-building. There are a ton of resourceful tools today that freely enables you to teach yourself and your children to have financial literacy. Google it! American economics is a game. You can never win if you don’t learn how to play. Learn how to play and WIN!

6.     Get a family business.  Every family should have a family business. Learn how to create your job in this generation or teach the next.

7.     Never become addicted to a financially extravagant lifestyle.  It’s like a drug. Wasteful consumption is pushed on people on a regular basis. It geared to leave you addicted and weak.

8.     Abstain from going too deep into debt. Especially, Student Loans: The quest to be educated oftentimes, leaves people to die in debt. Debt creates a form of slavery.

9.     Learn how to invest and own things. The ability to sacrifice the present to control the future. Make investing a part of your culture. Don’t judge your success on the size of your paycheck.

10.  Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Seriously. There are too many stories about people making large investments and losing everything. Never, never, never put all of your eggs in one basket.

11.  Support Each Other. Keep money in your community. Support your own. It is one of the most essential and financial choices that you can make being a part of a community.

Be stronger. Cultivate your culture. Change your life and help others in the process.


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