Alexandria, LA |  Shadowed with mourning the loss of their loved one, like many, the Briggs is also burdened with raising the funeral service money.

On hearing the struggles and painfu period the Briggs are going through, The Winnfield Funeral Home, Alexandria was determined to extend their support to the family. The funeral service for Tyneisha Briggs was taken care of free of all charges.

Tyneisha’s father ; Anthony Briggs said such good acts are what is pulling the family  through in a difficult moment like this.

He exclaimed that he was indeed grateful to everyone.More importantly his gratitude to Winnfield Funeral Home as it was not mandatory for them to do such for them.And such gesture has made feel good in the heart.

The General Manager of Winnfield Funeral Home, Eugene Miller said the gesture was more of an assurance that they care and not for the purpose do gaining popularity or financial gain.

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