Director of funeral home gave up his license after one family buried wrong body and another finds unknown body in casket at wake.

Massachusetts | Following a complaint from families for burying a stranger, thinking they buried their loved one and the other family holding a wake with unknown person in the casket for 4 hours, the director, George Kornack, of the funeral home for over 30 years in Massachusetts has turned in his license.

In the early month of June, a family realized shortly after starting an open wake-keep for their late loved one that they got a stranger in the casket.

Kraw-Kornack Funeral Home Management in Norwood knew there was no immediate solution they could attempt at the instance the error was discovered.

This is because earlier during the day, the supposed body which should be in the open casket at the funeral home was buried. The error seems perfectly done that the cloth for both bodies were interchanged.

Information on who eventually made the call to continue with the wake is not not available but the program went on as earlier planned for 4hours. However, to prevent further distress to the mourners, the casket was closed.

An investigation on the case from the Professional Licensure division in Massachusetts has already began. On the 27th of July of 2017, the owner and director of Washington Street Funeral Home;George Kornack surrendered his professional license. This was confirmed to MassLive by Chris Goetcheus,spokesperson for the division of professional licensure.

Goetcheus said George’s son John who for a while now has been a co-director/co-owner of the home has now taken over the management of the funeral home operations. According to Goetcheus, the board in charge of the public investigation is empowered to either revoke license,suspend licence or issue fines. Any of these decisions can be taken by them.

The body earlier buried under wrong name has been extracted and a proper burial given under the right name. The other body which was supposed to have been buried earlier that morning but landed in another’s casket and wake was also given another burial ceremony.