The St. Louis community means everything to me!” Brandon Henry. 




Who is Brandon Henry? Server of the People!

St. Louis, Missouri | Henry Funeral and Cremation Services recently held its grand opening in St. Louis, Missouri. The owner, Brandon Henry, was reported to be standing on the shoulders of enormous legacy when he purchased the funeral home from Gebken-Benz Mortuary.

I had a friend who would work at a funeral home, who was a musician and I would pick his brain all the time. What happened at the funeral home? What happened?!!!” Brandon Henry

However, we wanted to know…. Who is Brandon Henry and where did he come from? Besides, over 120 people did not let the ice and sleet stop them from attending the grand opening supporting Mr. Henry is his endeavors.

Brandon Henry is not new to the St. Louis community at all. He was born and raised in St. Louis, and feels like serving the community is the least he can do. Henry is a God-fearing man, who is full of faith. Once he puts his mind to something, you better believe he will see it through.

Raised by his grandmother with the support of family members, he was groomed for success. He managed to stay out of trouble and took an interest in the funeral home industry at a very young age – so much of an interest that he would begin to work for free just to see what went on behind the scenes.

Music was going to be his primary focus. Being a music teacher was his plan. Somewhere along the way during his junior year of high school, a musical friend worked for a funeral home as a musician. This awakened his desire to learn more about what went on in a funeral home. He later started interning at the local funeral home.

His new calling toward the funeral home business became a pull on his life that he put on the back burner. He finished college in Mississippi. However, when he moved back to St. Louis he started at mortuary school. He worked for a funeral home in St. Louis and at the YMCA. He actually took another route away from his goals in music with the funeral home industry. While working at the YMCA, a recruiter for the Police Department recruited Henry to law enforcement. He served as police officer for many years. Not only was he in law enforcement, but in his career as an officer and detective, he served during the Ferguson uproar.

The era of the Michael Brown incident was a highly taxing time for officers, if we could ever imagine. Imagine being in Henry’s shoes for a moment, working 12 hour shifts, over 32 days straight, without an off day in sight. Being a minority and dealing with racial issues that haunted the St. Louis region was not easy. Henry describes it as something he could no longer do, out of good conscience and good faith. Faced with the internal fight dealing with a corrupt and crooked system, he had to make a decision to step out on faith and leave the police department.

“The Funeral Service profession has always been a call on my life, no matter how I tried to fight it or avoid it.” Brandon Henry

His next move even surprised him. It was not planned. It was a God thing. He made the call. Kay Benz never heard of a Brandon Henry. He had no legacy to support his effort to purchase a large funeral home that had been in business over 130 years.

“The coalition serving on the police force is so strong that no one ever calls the police when it is a good day. No one ever calls a funeral director when it is a good day.” Brandon Henry

“Law enforcement taught me about myself and made me a better funeral director.” Brandon Henry

“Law enforcement teaches you to deal with people in uncomfortable situations all the time! Just like our funeral service, it is never an easy day when someone has to come in and make arrangements for their loved ones.” Brandon Henry

What just happened?

Before he could even believe it himself, he was the owner of Henry Funeral & Cremation Services. It just happened. Things just clicked. He stepped out on faith and God made it happen!

Many people say he was just like his grandfather who passed away when Brandon was only 5 years old, Raymond Louis Henry affectionately referring to as “Doc Henry”. He always heard that he beat to his own drum like “Doc Henry”. See, Henry is a visionary. He doesn’t color inside the lines. He takes a piece of paper and makes his own lines to color. He is a HIStory maker. He did not follow in anyone else’s footsteps. He simply makes his own. With the Help of God, he is building a legacy – finding his way and making a path that someone will soon follow.

As an only child, a first generation funeral director, and a first generation police officer, he simply went the opposite of his family’s footsteps.

“I beat to my own drum.” Brandon Henry 

There is so much in store for this young visionary. He aims to revolutionize the funeral home industry in the St. Louis community with his fresh thinking concepts and ideas. He is a businessman by heart who has been called into the funeral home industry.

We ask Mr. Henry what words of wisdom could he share to inspire the current and next generation, and he simply said:

“Everybody has a vision. Keep your vision your vision. Stay focused on your vision.” Brandon Henry

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